Twitter Spy – See Where They Come From

Here is an interesting tool for all Twitter fans to try. While the developers of this site calls it TwitterSpy, I do not think that this Twitter Tool will be used by 007 real soon. What it does, is that it shows you in real time public tweets and their location on a map (powered by Google maps) instantly. As soon as a Tweet is made, you can see where in the world did Tweet come from:) It could be particularly useful to locate future followers from your neighborhood or in any specific country you want. Once you identify and interesting Tweet, you can click on that author on the map and it will give you some stats, such as the authors name, location and number of followers. Click on it again and it will take you to that authors profile. Give it a shot. Try TwitterSpy and see what it does.

Do you think this tool is useful? What other benefits you think this may have?

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