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Twitter Karma

Everyone knows that in Twitter, there is currently only one way to know who follows us and who we are following. If we want to unfollow those who do not follow us, we have to remove them individually, and depending on the case can be very time consuming. Also, say you want to bulk block specific users, the process is also the same. Enter Twitter Karma.

What is Twitter Karma?

Basically, it’s a Flash application that fetches your followers from Twitter when you click the “Whack!” button, then displays them for you, letting you quickly paginate through them. By default, the list contains all your followers and everyone you follow, sorted by last update, and showing those who most recently updated first. You can sort the list alphabetically either ascending or descending by Twitter ID. You can then filter the list in several ways: those whom you follow or only your followers, and more. With this tool, you can also bulk follow, bulk unfollow, block and unblock users, etc.

While it is not meant to be a full Twitter client, the developers of Twitter Karma are adding more features to further improve it’s funtionality. Try Twitter Karma and if you do have any suggestion, please let them know.

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