New TweetDeck V 021.5b Released

TweetDeck Interface Upgraded

TweetDeck LogoIf you’ve never used Tweetdeck, you should know that it is one of the most powerful applications available for sending and receiving Twitter messages. For those who already used it before and like it, here is one good news for you. It’s about to become even more awesome.

The main features of Tweetdeck includes support for groups, for columns of search results and a number of other interesting third party services which are integrated right inside the interface.

So What’s in this updated version?
Language translation, StockTwits integration, forwarding by email, switching to one column view and more. It’s quite an impressive update for an already very feature-rich application.

Language translation is now available in the drop down “more actions” menu inside every user profile next to a tweet. While it does not substitute a bonafide translator, as these things always are – you get an idea of what a specific tweet is about. How cool can that be? Twitter is a very international phenomenon and we can now grunt at each, a little more effectively:).

Stocktwits is a fast-growing startup that hosts conversation and news tracking around the stock market. Tweetdeck will now let you embed Stocktwits account and create Friends, Portfolio, Comments and “all” columns. Expect that to be popular in the twitterverse.

Hashtag Support comes in the form of a new drop down to the right of your message composition window. When you reply to a message that included a hashtag – that same hashtag will be automatically appended to your reply.

User Search lets you set up a column to search for any username – see what people are saying to and about people of your interest.

One Column View is a quick little button you can hit to zip your full screen Tweetdeck down into just one column. Click it again and it will expand to full size.

There are a number of other new additions, and some changes that users might not like, as well.

All I can say for now, having just downloaded the new release about an hour ago is that the most powerful Twitter interface available is not slowing down and just seems to get better and better. Whether you are new or an experienced Twitter user, this is one application that you must give a try. Install your TweetDeck application and let me know what you think.

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