Twollo – Find And Follow Automatically

Never miss out on a conversation. No longer hear only one side of the story. Tell Twollow what you like, and they will do the hard work of finding the conversations that you should be involved in.


Find the niche Tweeter, the important Tweeter, the high profile Tweeter; Twollow will help find or discover the long tail of Twitter! Using their interface gives you the possibility of adding a list of topics that you are interested in. Twollow will then find people and auto subscribe you to all the people talking about the subjects you are interested in.

Some interesting stuff you can do with Twollow

  • Discover Twitterers talking about your favorite topics or interests
  • Engage with Twitterers talking about another Twitterer
  • Follow Twitterers talking about a hashtag

Join and try their services. Tell me what you think. Twollow Automatically:)

UPDATE July 2010:  Due to Twitter’s API TOS, the above service may or may not have been banned. If the service still exist, it is like that some features have been disabled. One such feature is “Mass Following and Unfollwing On Twitter“. Please refer to this post.

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