Send Images On Twitter With Twadl

Send Images On Twitter? is a tool to let you post status updates and images on

Current features of Twadle include:

  • Create short links on the fly – just type a long URL, and it will be replaced with a shorter one, saving you valuable characters.
  • Live Tweet Preview lets you see what your Tweet will look like – short links and all – before you hit Update.
  • Track links – see how many people clicked on the link you posted. Great for learning how to write compelling headlines.
  • Attach Files to your Tweets. Right now you can attach images, but according to Twadl’s developers MP3s and more are soon to come. 

A quite interesting tool if you want to send a Tweet to somebody that includes an image. It won’t actualy send the image to Twitter but instead, when someone clicks on your link, it will open a twadl page and show the image there. I tried it and it works. Requires registration and all it takes less than one minute. Try Twadl and let me know what you think.

Do you of any other tool that sends photos on Twitter? Please let us know.

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