Twitter Statistics Are Impressive – Non-Youth Dominates

Twitter has been all over the place lately and almost all people around the world are jumping in the Twitterverse Bandwagon. What is surprising, according to, is that the number of users has escalated to a massive 700+% in February 2009 compared to same the period a year ago. From celebrities to businesses to professional sport players to President Barack Obama himself, it seems that no one has escaped the “tiny” little claws of Twitter.

twitter stats

More surprising, is the demographics of Twitter users. Alexei Oreskovic, a Reuters reporter, found out that the younger aged people, between 18 – 24 years old, are the ones that visit Twitter less, compared to a crowd of 25 – 54 years old, which appears to be the driving force of Twitter users. Even more specific are the people between 45 – 54 years old, which according to the same source, are the ones that more likely visit and use Twitter, representing 36% of the index analyzed by

Twitter Statistic

Among other things, this probably explains why there are too many companies doing business on Twitter. WIth Twitters current free access, combined with so many tools to enhance your Tweeting experience, it is almost impossible to predict “What is going to heppen next?”

How about you? What do you think? In 140 charcaters or less, please let us know, “Where is Twitter going?”. Do you think it is a threat to Google? Will it combine it’s force with another popular Social Media? Or will it stay as it is?

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