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Chirp, chirp!Make Money On Twitter

I recently Stumbled upon an excellent article posted by Jessica Gottlieb about this subject and I have to admit that I was also somewhat reluctant whether to use Magpie as a means of making money on Twitter or not. As Jessica points out (and very well), there is nothing wrong with a little advertisement and trying to make an extra income out of that. Here is an excerpt of what she has to say:

Can we face facts? Your beloved authenticity is a hoax. Most of the Social Media personalities are finely honed marketing instruments. If I go to one more tech party where I hear someone referring to their spouse as a brand, I think my head might spin off my shoulders. Publicists have bloggers and microbloggers singing their client’s praises all for a dinner out and a bottle of shampoo.

Years ago blog pursists were appalled when folks started adding Google Adsense to their blogspot pages. Today we all expect to see advertising widgets on the sidebar.
Glam Media used the Emmy Awards for sponsored tweets. There are twitter parties and hashtags and publicists roaming the Twitterverse. Why not an
advertisement? At least it’s transparent.

It’s like the perfect marriage, me and a friendly German Bird.

The replies she got from this post were far from being massive but there was one comment that did call my attention. That comment came from Jan (CEO of Magpie & Friends Ltd. a German based company). His comment reads as follows:

Dear Jessica,
thank you very much for your post. I’m happy that you like Magpie. As you say, we actually have a lot of small brands, shops, music labels, etc. on Magpie. A lot of them are independent from large corporations and do their own thing. Many tell us that they really like Magpie advertising because it’s affordable and targets their
audience very nicely. We’ve also had quite a few Twitterers now, who are cashing out
their EUR 50 on a regular basis, even @rizzn from Mashable is using it:)
Please continue to give us your feedback. Also if you get comments from your followers, we’d love to hear them!
Thanks again, kind regards,
CEO Magpie & Friends Ltd.

If you paid attention. Jan mentions that a few Twitterers, now, are cashing out their 50 Euro payout on a regular basis and @rizzn from Mashable is using it.

What do you think? Should we all jump in the Magpie Wagon and give it a try? Or do you still think that it is not authentic enough. I guess Jessica’s arguments does give us some shread of doubts. Considering that Twitter is yet to find a working business model for them to generate revenue on Twitter, I believe that in a way, Magpie’s model will eventually come into play. Interested in making your Tweets go bling bling, try making money with Magpie and see how it works for you.

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