The Best 7 Free PDF Guides About Twitter

twitter imageIn its relatively short span of existence hardly has a site ever managed to create such a buzz around itself than what Twitter has generated. From Hollywood stars like Ashton Kutcher to President Obama himself, Twitter has become the medium of choice for many celebrities for communicating with their fans and followers.

Now if you are wondering what makes Twitter so special then you need to understand the concept of Micro-blogging. Essentially Twitter serves as a micro-blogging platform through which people can communicate with each other through small messages call Tweets which can be relayed though the mobile handsets or through the site itself. Further it allows people become ‘followers’ of people whom they would like to keep in touch.

This innovative concept of Twitter has become a big draw with many including businesses and news organizations who are using this effective medium to communicate in real time with their audiences. In case you too are curious to know more about Twitter and how you can exploit this remarkable platform to your advantage, then just go through list of some of best PDF Guides on Twitter given below:

A geek’s Guide To Promoting Yourself and Your Online Business in 140 Characters or Less with Twitter

This guide on Twitter is a must read for anyone who is barely familiar with Twitter and wants to utilize the platform for his personal or professional pursuits. Very well written and accompanied by suitable screenshots, the guide goes a long way in helping people learn ropes from blogging to promoting their business online on Twitter.

Using Twitter for Business

“Using Twitter for Business” throws light on using Twitter in several of your business functions in a meaningful manner. It also gives details regarding how Twitter can be used to assist the Help Desk related functions in a company.

Why We Twitter: Understanding Microblogging Usage and Communities

An insightful guide that demonstrates the use of Twitter by communities and the benefits they are deriving from it. It also presents a lot of data to support its views on why Twitter has become such a powerful communication tool and makes for an interesting reading for professional who would be interested in taking advantage of this platform.

50 Ideas on Using Twitter for Business

If you are looking for specific ideas about using Twitter for your business then this guide is what you would have been looking at. It offers you 50 practical ideas that you can look to use with Twitter and thus take advantage of the platform in a meaningful manner.

Twitter and WordPress Integration Guide

This guide comes across as a rather useful resource for bloggers who would like to integrate Twitter within their WordPress blogs. The guide is rather easy to follow and contains numerous screenshots and code snippets through which even an average computer user can look integrate Twitter with his blog. It covers aspects like displaying your follower count Twitter along with your Twitter messages on your blog.

The Twitter Power Guide

The Twitter Power Guide is aimed at regular Twitter user and professional who are looking for some advanced techniques to promote their interest. This guide encompasses four basic concepts namely Power Branding, Power Listening, Power Promoting and Power Networking and recommends applications and techniques through which concepts can be utilized.

What Are You Doing?

This interesting little guide aims at helping people to understand what other people are doing with Twitter and how they have been successful in deriving benefits from this platform. It contains experiences and insights on many people who have used Twitter and encourages the reader to learn from them.

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