Twitwall – An Easy-to-use Blogging Companion For Twitter.

They say it is a companion, I say it is almost an extension of Twitter. One of the reasons TwitWall was created was because it wanted to provide a ‘space’ for Twitter users who likes tweeting, but do not have a, or want to blog. Blogging as we all know is composed of formal writings, while tweeting are random thoughts (or as some would suggest – micro blogging). Often however, random thoughts may exceed the 140 character limit imposed by Twitter, or may not even be just text.


If you are a blogger, occasionally you may have thoughts that may not generally fit the general topic of your blog content. To counter that, you may want to post those thoughts on your TwitWall as an alternative to your formal blog. In addition to uploaded images, TwitWall supports embedded content like widgets, videos, audio mp3 podcasts. Also, images on TwitWall can be source images- you can attach images to your entries originating from existing http:// locations like Photobucket, or your favorite news website.

If personal branding is important to you, the user, TwitWall inherits the design preferences of your Twitter page (background image and color schemes). If you wish to show a video to your readers, why send your them to the YouTube site or someone else blog, if you can accomplish that while still keeping your readers within arms length of your Twitter page?

How does TwitWall work with Twitter?

1. Every newly added TwitWall entry posts a status update on the user’s Twitter timeline.
NOTE: Editing updates on TwitWall do not post an update on the Twitter timeline.
2. Comments made by the readers of the entry post an in-reply status on Twitter.
3. TwitWall inherits most of the user’s Twitter design preferences (background graphic and color schemes).
4. Logged in users can trigger a “follow” to other users.

Try Twitwall. It is indeed a good companion for Twitter and also good for your SEO and rankings on the SERPs.

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