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This post was originally published on my other blog, WebTechnology Resources. Since I am convinced that all Twitter fans, who use different kinds of Twitter Apps may appreciate this, I decided to reprint the article here too, in it’s entirety.

I recently came across Prism, an Internet tool that literally turns any web based application like, Gmail, Facebook, Google Docs, even Twitter Apps, etc, into a standalone application. Instead of running all your web apps in the browser, Prism lets you run them in their own window just like normal applications.

Why Prism?

Well, let’s see what those guys over there have to say..

Prism is designed to create a better environment for running your favorite web-based applications. Much of what we used to accomplish using an application running locally on our computers is moving into the web browser. Thanks to advances in web technology, these apps are increasingly powerful and usable. As a result, applications like Gmail, Facebook and Google Docs are soaring in popularity.

Unfortunately the web browser, which was originally designed for reading documents, is not an ideal environment for running applications. It is frustrating and time-consuming to wade through a mass of browser windows and tabs just to find your email client. Unstable applications can slow down or crash your entire browser. And many of the conveniences offered by modern operating systems are unavailable to web apps running in the browser.

Prism features

Access web apps from system taskbar or dock
No more wading through web browser windows and tabs just to read your email or check your Facebook feed. Prism apps run directly on your desktop and can be accessed just like any other application. On Windows, you can launch applications from the Start menu and then access them in the taskbar. On Mac, you can launch and access applications from the OS X dock.

Associate applications with browser links
Some browser links cause an application to run rather than opening in the browser. A popular example are mailto: links that open your mail client and fill out the recipient (and optionally the subject line) for you. Until now, you were out of luck if you use a web mail client, but now Prism lets web apps handle these links just like traditional desktop apps.

Run applications automatically when your computer starts
Some web apps are so important that we want them running all the time. For some users this might mean Gmail, Facebook or Flickr. With Prism you can set an app to run automatically whenever your start your computer.

Popup alerts
Applications can be configured to display popup alerts for certain events. For example, your web mail could display an alert when a new mail arrives.

There are two ways you can install Prism. As a FireFox extension (if you use FF), or as a standalone desktop application. Prism is based on the same world-class browsing engine as Firefox to ensure maximum compatibility with the entire range of applications available on the web, today and in the future. It is so easy to use that it does not require any technical knowledge whatsoever. Watch this video to find out how to use Prism (FF extension) in practical terms.


Give it a try, it is free and I am sure you will find some good use for it. I have just converted a Twitter website application into a standalone application and I am lovin’ it. Let me know what you think.

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