Be Careful On How You Retweet

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What does retweet mean?

If you are a Twitter user, by now you should already know what RT or Retweet means. If you are still beginning your Twitter adventure, here is a write up of what and how to retweet.

So why should we be careful when retweeting?

Just like any other place on the internet, everything is prone to be attacked by spammers and the likes. The concept of Retweeting, among other things, is to share with your followers, something you think is of value or worthwhile passing along. Sometimes, and in light of trying to stand out or getting those update counts grow bigger, we might be tempted to retweet just about anything, from those of whom we follow. Bear in mind that the possibility of not knowing who you are following exist, specially if you have a massive amount of people you are following. This is were the danger lies. As you know, almost all links that are included in a Tweet are generally shortened by several services, such as tinyurl, bit-ly and so fort. What happens here is that you do not know where these links are actually pointing to.

That said, the one thing you should avoid when retweeting, is to not retweet anything before “checking” it out for yourself. Make sure that the link is actually pointing to what you think it is, and that it is really something you wish to share with your followers. It has been reported that many links are pointing to attack sites and this is obviously something you do not want to direct your followers to. I have seen this happen and I have not hesitated to immediately unfollow and block that person who sent me to an attack site.

So, next time you Retweet, do see it for yourself first. Remember that identity theft also exist and even you trust that person, you will never know if he/she has been a victim and that someone else can be using a stolen profile.

What say you? Have you experienced clicking on a link and landing on an undesirable site before? What did you do?

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