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uberVUThe internet is full of surprises. Some love it, some may hate it. Now, think about this for a while. What if I told you that all I need is a keyword, a url, a brand, a name or just about anything that can identify you, and at a click of a button, I can track virtually every single conversation you are doing. That could be scary, right? Well, so much for that, the “you can run, but can not hide” has arrived and with a bang. uberVU is a website where you can track in almost real-time conversations from blogs, twitter, digg, just to name a few. Of course, many of you would think that this is another great service. I’m still hanging between, yes and no. We’ll see.

That said, here is what uberVU has to say:

What is uberVU?

“uberVU is an easy way to find and follow conversations, even if they take place across multiple sites and services. The stories you read on the Web don’t show you the whole picture. The conversation around them is missing. What people say about those stories is a great part of the picture.

The conversation around those stories takes place across many services. You might upload a video on YouTube that gets embedded in a blog post. That post gets comments and it gets posted on Twitter, where it also gets some replies. The Twitter post gets to FriendFeed where the conversation continues.

All of this is part of a single conversation, but you can’t see it because it’s trapped inside different services. That’s where uberVU comes in.

You can start by entering a keyword or the URL of a conversation that you are intersted in. When you search for a keyword we don’t look for just for blog posts or twitter messages, we scan entire conversation threads to show you things in context.

So if you search for “keyword 1” we may find a conversation that began with a blog post without any connection with “keyword 1” but where people are discussing it in the coments or on FriendFeed.

Because uberVU gets reactions to stories from blogs, Twitter, Digg, FriendFeed, Disqus, YouTube and many more, we figure out the relationships between all those reactions. This allows us to provide you with more search depth than ever before.

Once you opened a thread you find the whole conversation in one single place.

Oh, and did we mention that we also keep you up to date on how the conversation evolves? All you have to do is check uberVU for updates

No more searching a dozen services for mentions of a story, no more keeping track of all those people that commented on the story all over the web.”

There you have it. I have tried myself and it works well. Follow your (or someone else) conversation and be aware that finding you now, is ever easier than before. What do you think?

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