Hootsuite: The Professional Twitter Client Gets Better

You all may have seen by now that one of my favorite Twitter Client is Hootsuite. There are many reasons for that and among those is because they constantly add new features and make it better by the day. If you are not yet familiar with this application, this article will give you an idea of the many features that makes Hootsuite my number one choice.

The most recent addition to Hootsuite is the ability to preview a small excerpt of a link prior to clicking on it. For every link, there is a small plus sign where hovering on it will pop a small window providing you with some information, such as, the title of the original posts, the websites domain URL and the full link to wherever it is pointing to. In some cases, it will also provide a small excerpt of the posts content. See example below:

With this new feature, you are now able to quickly glance on the links content and then decide to either click on it or not (very similar to Bing’s decision engine). This makes it easier to avoid spammers and visit crappy sites.

What do you think about this feature? Do you think this will make your Twitter experience easier?

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