TweetAlarm: A Google Alerts For Twitter

You all know about Google Alerts and the advantage of using it. Among other things, it saves you time and effort to find something of your interest. You set up alerts based on keywords and every time something new passes by Google it will send you an email alerting you about the most recent information regarding  a specific keyword, topic, which you have previously set up.

Recently, a similar service has been made available for Twitter Users and that is TweetAlarm. A service whereby it will send you email messages whenever a Tweet is made regarding your company, brand, topic or just about anything you want, by simple specifying a keyword or a set of keywords.

With TweetAlarm, you do not have to visit Twitter all the time to find out if something has been said about, you for example. Give it a try and let me know what you think about it. Do you find this tool useful?

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