Hot To Install A Twitter Follow Me Badge

Found a free service that lets you create your own Twitter Follow Me badge in just under 5 minutes. This badge can be either displayed on the right or left side of your website and calls your users to start following your twitter account. It is fully customizable and once you have it done, just copy and paste the code. See an example below:


How To Install The Twitter Badge?

All you need is to follow the 7 easy steps to get this done:

1) Type in your Twitter user name
2) Choose the label you want to use
3) Select the color of the badge. You can blend the badge’s color or with your template
4) Select the position
5) Resize the badge if desired
6) Hit the update code button
7) Copy and paste the code

You’re done. Was that not easy? Hopefully, you will now have better chances of people following you. Create your own follow me badge on Go2Web20.

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