What Are The Most Popular Words On Twitter

This is a guest post from MEHMET AKAR, a guy from the makers of TwitWinners themselves. Mehmet basically runs as through the service and provides us with information that will help us understand why TwitWinner is interesting. Over to you Mehmet.

What is TwitWinner?

It is a simple service where you enter words and it measures and compares their popularity on twitter, based on number of tweets per hour. You may compare words or phrases, separating each by commas, up to a maximum of 5 words at a time. Results are live and reflects the data collected at the moment you click compare button.

For example, you can compare the popularity of Mashable Vs TechCrunch among twitter users, and the results are immediately shown to the user, as to who the winner is. See example below:

mashable techcrunch compare

Also TwitWinner has a widget service, you can customize and put the widget to your site so your visitors can view the comparison live. As an example you can place a widget and show the race between Google and Facebook by placing the widget to your blog. You can also show your own popularity by following the link and changing the title from the widget customization part as “Our popularity on twitter now”

Why is it interesting?

Here are some reasons why TwitWinner is interesting and fun:

+ Simple: It is so simple, just enter words, and see the results immediately.
+ Informative: Besides its entertaining nature, it gives idea about what people talk, what is trending.
+ Live: The results always reflects data of the moment you make the comparison.
+ Widgets: If you have an interesting comparison, you can customize its widget and put it to your own site.

Give it a try and do some comparisons yourself. See “Which one is more popular in Twitter NOW?” Visit TwitWinner.com

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