FollowFriday Helper: A Great Follow Friday Tool

You all have heard about followfriday or have seen the hashtags on Twitter that looks something like this – #followfriday or #FF. Follow friday has been widely use on the Twitterverse to recommend Tweeps on Twitter. It is either a form of gratitude or simply a way to let the world know about great Twitterers. You do this by typing in the people you want to recommend and tweet it with the #FF hashtag.

This is easier said than done. You might have several followers and also have many people you want to recommend due to them being actively Retweeting your Tweets. You might want to recommend people who recommended you. There may be several reasons why you want to do this and it can be a daunting tasks specially it you have a huge base of people you follow or follow you. The next obvious question is, can this be done easier? Enter FollowFriday Helper.

FollowFriday Helper Twitter App

This tool makes it easier for you to recommend anyone on Twitter. You can filter people in a variety of forms, some of which are:

# People who recommended me
# People I RT’ed
# People who RT’ed me
# People who mentioned me
# People I favorited

In addition to #FF, there are many other available Tweet types which you can use. These are: #ThankYou #TY #Gratitude #Top #FollowSaturday #FollowSunday #FollowMonday #FollowTuesday #FollowWednesday #FollowThursday #FollowNow #FollowEveryDay #MustFollow #FollowerOfTheDay. Use it to recommend multiple people or make it more personal, you decide.

There is no need to register to use the FollowFriday helper, all you need is a valid Twitter account to log in via the OAUT process and you are good to go. If you want to recommend people using certain criteria, then this tool will certainly help. You can even write more personal #TY, #Gratitude, (..etc) tweets by simply using the user’s name, URL, bio and location with just a few clicks.

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