How To Mass Unfollow On Twitter?

First, please be informed that under Twitter’s TOS any “bulk” of multiple API calls at a time is strictly prohibited and whoever is not complying with this is in direct violation of their policy. That said, all other articles that I have previously posted here before, may or may not continue to be working. Sites such as are still online but “the select all” function has been disabled in order to comply with Twitter’s policy. As you would normally unfollow people who don’t follow you back, it is still easier to use these tools than looking for people to unfollow directly on Twitter’s interface. Nevertheless, sites that still have this functionality may at their own risk provide the service or not.

Moving on. Recently, I read DragonBlogger’s post about a twitter app that for the time being still allows to “bulk” unfollow up to 100 people at a time. In addition to this, there are some additional “filters” which you can obtain with this tool:

Not Following You Back: Straight forward. This filter shows you all the people you are following and not following you back
No Profile Image: Shows all the people you are following that has never set their profile image (Twitter default)
Inactive: Show you people you are following that have not tweeted for the past 30 days
Talkative: Shows people you are following the tweets more than 5 times a day (could be a good indicator for Spammers)
Quiet: Show you people you are following that tweet less than 1 time per day.

manage twitter unfollow

Using these filters can help you decide whether it is still interesting to keep following some people, that despite following you back, are worthwhile.

Head over to DragonBlogger’s blog for more details and visit the Manage Twitter website. Note: Up to the time I have written this post, the “select all” function is still working.

UPDATE: Due to Twitter’s API TOS, the above service may or may not have been banned. If the service still exist, it is like that some features have been disabled. One such feature is “Mass Following and Unfollwing On Twitter“. Please refer to this post.

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