Have You Read What You Retweeted?

This is actually one of the posts I am writing that does not have anything to do with how to Retweet but rather send a message for those who think that Retweeting is all about clicking a button.

Why do you retweet?

Well for starters and maybe the most simplest answer to this question is because you liked the Tweet and wish to share it with your followers. As you all know, Retweeting is one of the highest form of compliment and is also a very powerful method to spread the word around the Twitterverse. Things is, do you even read what you are Retweeting?

I am asking this question because often I see a lot of people in my timeline ReTweeting tweets like crazy. Sometime during the day, I will head over my favorite Twitter app, Hootsuite, and will check out what my followers and people I am following have to say. I will check for new blog posts, interesting articles, any news, etc. In particular, I pay attention to ReTweets. I do this this because I trust that a Retweet is something someone liked very much and is sharing it for more people to know about it. The problem is that I have found countless times, people Retweet just for the sake of Retweeting (calling the persons attention for something for example). I will head over to the link they provided and do not see any “indication” at all that they have been there. Sometimes, it is just sheer crap. When this happens, I give it one, two and three, then you strike out. I will unfollow you as fast as you can Retweet any BS again.

So to avoid this, here are some things you should consider when Retweeting.

1) Don’t Retweet just for the sake of Retweeting. Read at the least what it is about. Just because it is some A Lister’s tweet, it does not necessarily mean it is interesting.
2) You do have a topic that you are particularly interested in, right? Retweet tweets that are similar to your niche. If I know you, and you are someone I trust to provide information say about cameras, why do you think I will jump over to a link that you retweeted about a fishing pole? Makes me wonder, unless you do occasionally share other topics of interest.
3) Leave at least one comment on any post you Retweet. This will give an indication that you actually read what you have Retweeted and makes you more credible to the sphere.

4) OK, I understand. You also Tweet to make money online. But the question remains. Do you at least read and find out where you are directing your followers to go? Sponsored Tweets are acceptable, in small doses, but give me something gooood.

That’s basically it. I think you get the point. I would love if you can add your opinion and make this list grow. Let’s here them please.

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