How To Mass Follow and Unfollow On Twitter?

Unfortunately, if you are looking for an answer to this question I regret to inform that it is no longer possible to perform such tasks as Twitter’s API TOS has prohibited any service to allow for “Check and Uncheck” all functionality. The reason why I am telling you this is that I have been receiving some emails about some previous posts that I had, which indeed where pointing to services that allowed to do so. Rather than answering to them individually, I just decided to say it here in a quick post that such services, although many still exists, do not offer this feature anymore. As a matter of fact, I seriously doubt that there are still any that exists as they where certainly “blocked” or “banned” from offering the mass unfollow and unfollow option by Twitter.

How Do We Follow And Get Followed On Twitter?

The only way to achieve more amounts of followers is to do it the intended “original way” and that is to build relationships, gain trust and credibility. Nothing is more powerful than this in today’s social networking arena. Obviously there is still the time consuming form of doing it which is checking individually each person and/ or company that you wish to either follow or unfollow. Also, it appears that there are some alternative forms to mass check and uncheck people on some services by means of using addons or your browser. I would not know how they work and if they actually deliver because I have not used any of them and I think I will never do.

Twitter has gone way beyond just a “what are you doing” right now platform and its users has learned the hard way. There is no need to have thousands of followers that do not pay attention to your Tweets. Help others, SPAM less, be supportive, interact, are all highly recommended to build a good network of followers and there is no way around it.

How about you? Do you still know of any service that offers this functionality? Do you miss having it or are your building your way towards achieving more followers by means of what I mentioned earlier.

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