Does It Pay Off To Be a Celebrity On Twitter?

I’ll let you be the judge for that one. Anyway, today I hopped over to see my SponsoredTweet account just to take a peek and see if there was anything for me on the table ($$). As usual, just some 2 cent CPC opps and a few that were slightly more appealing. Kinda disappointed, I was curious what those celebs out there are charging for every Tweet. So I went over to the featured SponsoredTweet listings and here is a list of the Top celebs and how much each of them will charge for a single Tweet:

OK. So I guess it does pay off to be a celebrity after all, and still quite disappointed because I have to call someone and most likely “negotiate” an insane amount for Kim to send a Tweet for me.

Anyway, I do have another question? It does appear that being a celebrity has its perks, but what about on the advertisers perspective? Do you really think that if I paid KhloeKardasian to tweet for me that I will get the exposure and return I would expect (or will that depend on what my expectations are)? How many followers do you think she can give me if I asked her to Tweet “#FF Just followed (me), the coolest guy on the Twitterverse.”, lol.

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