Twitter Grader: Are You A Twitter Elite?

Twitter Grader is a free tool that allows you to check the power of your twitter profile compared to millions of other users that have been graded. It can be a powerful tool to find out in your location which are the power users and most influential and follow them if they match your interest. If you want to know how Twitter Grader calculates their rankings, here is a good place to find out more.

Anyway, I am not one of those that love to boast about achievements and all that stuff. But today, after receiving an email form a friend of mine, I felt overjoyed when I found out that my Twitter profile has reached the maximum grade of 100.

ditesco twitter

Not only that, my Twitter profile is ranked number 1 from the region of South American users. Now, how cool is that?

ditesco twitter grader

There you go, if you want find out what your grade is, Twitter Grader is a great tool for you to find out. What’s your grade? Are you happy with it?

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