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For a while now, I have been using TwitterFeed to publish content on Twitter and it has been working well, particularly for blogs I trust. Don’t get me wrong, I like the service and still recommend it. However, after taking (short for deliver it), for a test drive, I have to admit that I am seriously thinking of using the service in favor of “other” solutions.

Reasons To Use To Publish Your Content Automatically

  • FREE! What a nice word, and needless to talk about it further
  • Stay connected to your followers by automatically (or selectively) updating your Twitter accounts when you publish new items (or any other feed for that matter – trusted friends and blogs). Simultaneously, auto-publish said content to several social networks including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Buzz, MySpace, and more.
  • Post manually (real time) or schedule anything you want, for the future. Great for targeting users with different timelines to yours.
  • Stats, we all love them. Find out which of your shared content gets the most attention and how do they resonate with your Twitter audience vs. your Facebook friends, for example.
  • Distribute an unlimited number of RSS/Atom feeds (feedburner compatible) to your social networks. is  PuSH enabled, so you will enjoy near to “real time” distribution, eliminating “hicups” during the process. If for some reason your feed encounters a delivery problem, you will get an alert message delivered to you instantly.


And some other geeky stuff, such as:

Perfect Your Posts: Find and replace/remove text tool to fine-tune the wording of your posts. will automatically scan each post for your specified text and replace or remove it based on your rules. Cool!

Customize Your Facebook Posts: CXustomize the look/feel of your Facebook posts. Share a Link? Choose your own thumbnail? Select your privacy settings? What more do you want?

Intelligently Route Your Content: Target content to your social networks based on keywords, author, tags and more. You can also use negative filters to even more precisely route your content.

And finally, one of my favorites:

Branding: You are allowed to use one free custom domain for each account you have. This option allows to replace the “” in a shortened link (for instance, “” becomes “”).

As I said, I had to test drive first before making a decision. It requires a little bit of “trail and error” due to the huge amount of features they provide. They do have a great FAQ and support area. This is not a paid post and it is not a tutorial. I just wanted to share with all of you this great service and for those who are “video” savvy, if you like it, please do a video about it and send me the link so I can include it here.

Have you heard about already? What do you think about it compared to “other” services?

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