Twitter Personalized Newspaper, Real Time News Stream

Lately, newspaper style services have been blooming over on the Twitterverse. These services have been growing in popularity as it is another form of showing “relevant” and interesting news about what your followers have to share. Instead of trying to do this individually, the following services provide integration with your Twitter stream and make it easier to share news among your friends.

These personalized newspaper type services provide mainly:

Most important news from your Twitter stream

Aggregates news in your Twitter stream and ranks them by popularity among your friends. Never loose any important news! There are a lot of possibilities to select as to which news you prefer to share. You can simply filter it via your followers, a specific list, etc.

Real-time news

These services normally provide updates by the hour, thus never missing out any important news you want to share with others.

Topical newspapers

Create a newspaper for any topic of your interest. Topical newspapers are based on streams produced by Twitter Lists or Twitter search.

My Choices (for now – click on images to view newspapers):

twitter personalized newspaper paperli

twitter personalized newspaper tweeted times

There you go. Have fun and start sharing what you and your friends have to say in a more lively and nice looking, Twitter personalized newspaper type medium.

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