Tweet For Fun, That Can Be My Next Tweet

Surprisingly, just found out about this website called “That Can Be My Bext Tweet” via CNN. I said surprising because although it (probably) deserves all the attention it can get, being featured on CNN is in fact something else. That said, I had to check this out and see for myself 🙂

Oddly enough, the website in itself does not say much as to what is its real purpose. After reading the article on CNN, I finally figured that it grabs words and phrases from any public Twitter feed’s posts and “remixes” them into a new tweet. Once you have seen “an interesting” remixed tweet, you can post the results via you own feed, if you like.

This online tool at first glance may seem useless, as in most cases, grabbing random words and having it remixed, most likely will not generate anything “meaningful”.  While this is true, in certain occasions the tool might just generate something fun and when that happens, posting it could “grab” the attention of other users and ultimately click on your username. Doing that takes them to your profile page revealing your tweets and within the process follow you. Far fetched? Perhaps, but worth the play.

Here goes. Just head over the “That Can Be My Bext Tweet” website, enter the Twitter username’s you want and hit “get your next tweet”.

Remix Tweet

So here comes my first… Ouch! How to engage your computer? LOL

Twitter Tips and tools

Nope, let’s see what’s next.

Tweet Feelings

Nope, not this one either, haha. Would not want to hurt peoples feelings 🙂 Where do they even get these words? Next…

Tweet Remix Final

That’s not too bad. Not sure if both HootSuite and Website magazine will enjoy, but I do 🙂

That’s it. What say you? Can you see some hidden secret that I can’t see (yet)? Have fun and enjoy… never know what your next “killer” tweet might be.

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