How to make your Tweets stand out from the crowd [Review]

As Twitter is expanding fast my stream is getting a lot faster too. Tweets are rushing by in such a fast pace it is really quite hard to keep up with it sometimes.

One thing I realized is that my followers, without knowing it are constantly competing for my attention with their tweets. There are of course many reasons why I eventually click on a link or retweet someone, but one reason is if I can see from afar that thought was given to that tweet.

Of course no one expects you to spend hours on writing a single tweet, but some tweets clearly were given more thoughts than others.

One great and simple technique I was taught by a lot of other reputable tweeters is that only tweeting the post title and link can soon get your followers to skim over them without clicking or even taking a look.

Instead I started something else recently. I would look for a line that clearly stood out from an article and then go ahead and tweet this line.

Buffer –make tweets unique

There is one tool which works like magic for doing exactly that. It is called Buffer and allows you to apply this in a super simple way. If you installed one of the browser extensions (Chrome, Firefox or Safari) this is all you do:

Highlight a certain line and then hit the Buffer icon. Immediately you will get a tweet with the shortened link and highlighted text. Here is an example of Francisco’s tweet:









What happens to my Buffered Tweets?

All Tweets Buffered will be sent out for you well spaced out over the day. This means you add lots of different tweets in at one point and then don’t have to worry about scheduling or overwhelming your followers with too much information.

The times tweets are sent are totally up to you and you can set them as frequently as you wish. Here are my fixed daily tweeting times:

Fixed Tweeting Times


Wrap Up

Making your tweets stand out from the crowd in the age of so much information at hand is crucial I found.

One tool that helps me a great deal to create content that is both unique and has my personal touch is Buffer. A few features I also wanted to point out are:

  • Get full analytics for all Buffered tweets, which means Clicks, Retweets and Reach of your tweets.
  • Use Buffer inside Google Reader too with one click on the icon.


How about yourself? Do you think making your tweets unique is something valuable? Could Buffer help with that?

Let me know below.


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