Google Plus Widget A La Twitter

Have you seen those Twitter widgets on sites that shows you a users Twitter stream? I am sure have. If you love Google+ and want display a similar widget  “anywhere” is your site, you might be interested to know about Google Plus Widget.

The widget simply allows you to show the visitors of your blog or website that you have a Google+ account, while encouraging them to add you to their circles (similar to follow me on Twitter). Installation is a simple cut and paste of a bit of JS code, where you can choose to display your latest posts (public stream) or not.

The Google Plus Widget is great because it can be installed on virtually any platform.. WordPress, Blogger (Google Blogs), etc..


Add your Google+ ID, choose the width, font and language (supports major ones for now) and click on get code.

Google Plus Widget Settings

leaving the “include update feed” unchecked will return:

Google Plus Widget Follow Me

Checking the “include feed” will return the same thing only with your public stream, a la Twitter.

Google Plus Twitter

That’s it! If you like to display your G+ stream, this is a good option and it is free. If you prefer other options, here are two other Google Plus Plugins, that you might like to knwo about.

Do you know of any “other” cool Google+ Widget or plugins that does the same thing?

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