Tweet Old Post Update: Much Needed Feature Is Back

automated tweetsNot so long ago, I posted an article about Tweet Old Post, one of my favorite plugins to auto tweet my older articles. Here’s and excerpt of that article:

What does Tweet Old Post Do?

Very simple answer and that is to retweet your old articles (or post) based on a specified criteria. If you noticed Ileane’s concern, you will agree that Tweeting old post that are no longer relevant, will just backfire on you and make you look silly. Imagine if my post about Merry xMas is indeed retweeted on July 2011? That would be odd

You can read the full article, to find out more info this cool Twitter Tool.

So what’s new with this recent update?

If you installed the plugin before, you would have noticed that there was a feature that was excluded from the previous release. This feature was the “exclude post” from the settings area. The reason why this feature is important is because, although you can exclude specific categories from being automatically retweeted, there are cases in which you also would want to exclude some specific post within that same category. While you were able to exclude post before, the process was daunting.

Exclude Post Made Easier From Your Automatic Tweets

The update, released today, comes back with the “exclude post” feature and if you are already using the pugin, I encourage you to update it the firts chance you get. Once you install the update (or fresh install), you will now see the “exclude post” button from your dashboard, where after clicking, you will see a list of all your post. You can now individually exclude any post that you do not wish to be included in your automated tweet default definitions.

auto tweet twitter tool

Tweet Old post’s updates includes some other minor fixes, but the “exclude post” feature is really what makes a big difference. You can find additional information about this release by visiting the developers website. It is a good way for us to say thanks.

You can download/install the Tweet Old Post plugin on WordPress repository.



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