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FaceBook as you all probably know is the largest social media network in the world. While Twitter, LinkedIn and now Google+ are coming in strong, truth is, even combined, they still won’t surpass FaceBook users, for now at least. This is why, FaceBook marketing is extremely important and should not be neglected specially if you are doing business online.

While this is the case, for many, using FaceBook properly for marketing purposes still seems to be complicated and some don’t actually even know how to start. I won’t blame you if you fit in this category as there is just way to much that one can do on FaceBook and focusing on what is really important is what matters most.

This is where, Fans Bridge Blog comes in. Faissal, the owner of the blog has concentrated his sites focus on FaceBoook, and provides his own experience, strategies, tips, failures, and successes. He is humble enough to say that he is no marketing guru, but I can tell you that he does know a lot and has some great tips under his sleeves.

FaceBook Marketing SecretsAs part of his contribution to users who are looking to get a better understanding of how marketing on FaceBook works, Faissal has put a lot of effort on an eBook that he generously offers to those that are interested. FaceBook Marketing Secrets is one of his most notable work. This guide is packed with many information that will allow its reader to learn…

  • How to create and set your Facebook Page correctly?
  • How to Get Free Fans ?
  • How to interact with  your Fans?
  • How to use your page Settings?
  • How to make money with your page?
  • How to Use The Facebook Advertising System?
  • And a lot more…

Aside from the eBook, there are many other interesting articles that you should know about. These are:

As you can see, Fans Brigde is definitely a “bridge” to take you over the other side, when it comes to learning the ropes about FaceBook. Next time you are looking for information about the biggest social network and how to implement proper strategies to make the most of it, consider visiting Faissal’s blog.

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