How To Get More Comments With Twitter

Twitter Mentions As CommentsAs a blogger, specially if you are just in the beginning of your journey, one of the things you would really love to see in your blog post are comments. They make you feel that you are not alone and is also good for your visitors to see that there are people engaging with your articles. However, we all know that getting meaningful comments can be tough, specially now that people are more willing to tweet and retweet your article instead, as a sign of their appreciation.

Would it not be nice if you can have those mentions that you have on Twitter and have them posted in your blog? I’m sure it will. Thanks to a post I have stumbled upon on WPMU, you can now “populate” your comments with mentions coming from Twitter.

Enter, Twitter Mentions as Comments. A creative WordPress plugin that integrates your Tweet mentions as comments. What this plugin does is that it extracts tweets that are related to your specific posts, and will do this by placing them within your comments sections, just like a normal commenting. It integrates with the WordPress commenting system, thus allowing you to moderate them as necessary.

A word from the developer:

Twitter Mentions as Comments does exactly what it promises to do – scours Twitter for people talking about your blog posts and silently inserts their Tweets alongside your existing comments. The plugin leverages the power of WordPress’s built-in commenting system – notification, comment moderation, author white/black listing – making Twitter an extension of your blog.


  • Searches for Tweets linking to your blog posts, regardless of the URL shortener used (using Twitter’s Search API)
  • Pushes Tweets into WordPress’s existing comment workflow – notifications, comment moderation, and author whitelists/blacklists work just like any other comment
  • Fetches user’s real name and profile picture and links directly to the original Tweet
  • Checks automatically – no need to do a thing
  • Option to automatically exclude ReTweets
  • Option to store tweets as trackbacks/pingbacks
  • Option to specify which posts to check (e.g., 10 most recent posts, all posts, front page only)
  • Smart Caching of Tweets and user data – retrieves only what it needs to save on API calls and server load

And there a lot more features planned for the future. Dynamic resizing of Twitter profile images to fit WordPress theme, Prioritization of newer posts, Oauth Authentication to raise API limit (currently unlimited Tweets, among other things. Really a great plugin.

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