Tweet Old Post: New Version with More Control and Branding

automated tweetsTweet Old Post is one of my favorite Twitter tools. Ever since I found out about it, I never stopped using it. Granted, there are many of you who probably don’t like the idea of “tweeting” older posts, but I find it to be advantageous, particular now with all the awesome features it has to offer. Just want to remind you that it is a free plugin and in case you want to know a bit more as to what its purpose is, you can read my previous article here. In any event, and simply put, Tweet Old Post is just as the name suggest. It will automatically tweet your older post, based on a set of rules that you predefine.

If you have been using this plugin and have not updated yet (latest is 4.0.1), you may want to do it now, because, the new features are simply cool! Let’s get on to the major changes, that Ajay, the developer of TweetOldPost, has to offer.

Major Updates Of Tweet Old Post

  • Pages can now be included. Added an option to select what is to be tweeted (pages, posts, or both).
  • Removed “.” and used “-” when adding additional text, “.” was causing grammatical mistakes if sentence was trimmed.
  • Added option to specify number of posts that can be tweeted simultaneously. You can specify a maximum of 10 and minimum of 1. If you specify 4 it will pick 4 random posts and tweet it. So basically you can specify how many tweets you want at a time.
  • Removed random time slot was causing lot of confusion.
  • Some minor bug fixes

And finally, the main reason why I will still use it.

Tweet Old Post now allows you to create and use your own name using Twitters app developer. With the new feature, you can have your own application name instead of  ”Tweet Old Post”.

Here’s an example of how it looked before. Notice the last line where the time and date appear. Before it was via “Tweet Old Post”, and hovering on that text will reveal the link that points to Ajay’s website.

Tweet Old Post

Once you setup and activate this feature, notice that the “via name” is now changed to, in my case, Not only that, it now links to this site. How cool is that? While the link is nofollow, it is still a link and it is also great for branding, because all your scheduled tweets will now show your brand.

Here’s how it looks now:

Tweet Old Post Branding

Great, right? Anyway, I did mention that setting up the app is a bit complicated, but Ajay did make this a bit easier by providing this step by step instructions. Note that, in my case, once I followed those steps, it still did not work, because I already had my account authorized on Twitter. To find out if it is working, go to the plugins settings and scroll all the way below and click on the “tweet now” button. If all is good, you will see that the Tweet was posted with success, otherwise, an “oopss” message will show. If this happens, deautorize your Twitter account and reautorize it. It worked for me.

If you don’t have Tweet Old Post installed yet and want to, you can do so from here.

What do you think of this new feature? Are you using this plugin?

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