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Gremlin Social Tools

I am very fond of Hootsuite and until recently, I was not looking for any other alternative for it. A friend of mine however, asked me if I knew any other social management tool that could fit his budget, i.e., free šŸ™‚ Hootsuite has indeed a free service but it is limited to a certain number of social accounts, so if you want to add more accounts, you either pay for a small monthly fee, or signup on another service.

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Gremln Social Media Management Tools

Similar to Hootsuite, you can use Gremln to schedule, post Tweets in also five different accounts for free. After signing up, which is really easy so no point of going on a step-by-step instruction on how to do it, you will see a dashboard that resembles a bit to that of Hootsuite.

Gremlin Dashboard

The Free Version Includes:

  • 1 user
  • 5 Social Profiles
  • Scheduled Messages
  • 2 RSS / Atom Feeds
  • Compact Social Analytics
  • *Ad Supported

Compact Analytics

Gremlin Stats

Gremln’s Pitch

Maximize your marketing impact by reaching your audience on the three major social networks, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Save time and money by managing your strategies for all three networks from one convenient dashboard that allows you to schedule, translate, distribute, and analyze your social media marketing posts and make side-by-side network comparisons without ever having to leave

That’s it!. If you are looking for an alternative to Hootsuite, give Gremln a try. It is interesting too and the free version should be more than good enough for you if you only want to manage five account or less.

Do you know of any other good alternatives to Hootsuite? Maybe MarketMeSuite or BuzzBundle?

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