7 Effective Ways To Engage On Twitter

Twitter is an effective engagement tool when used properly. Sadly, many still think that Twitter is nothing but a media stream of useless characters. In addition to this, there are still those that for one reason or another are not properly making use of hashtags. Hashtags can perform very well if you know what you are doing.

Anyway, Twitter is an ideal tool to help you stay informed and build relationships with like minded people. When done right, it could bring targeted traffic to your site and from there engage with people who has shown some interest in what it is you have to say or offer to them

The infographics below, courtesy of openforum.com are simple but effective tips to help you do just that, increase your engagement. If you are able to do all of them or even some, it is most likely that you will some improvements and enjoy using Twitter a bit more šŸ™‚

effective ways to engage twitter

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