7 Steps for Using Twitter for Small Business

If you run a business, though, you shouldn’t rule out Twitter too quickly. The stats show that what people are saying on social networks such as Twitter increasingly shapes opinions about companies and brands. According to Forrester Research in April 2010, Americans generated 500 billion online impressions on each other regarding products and services, more than a quarter of the impressions (or ad views) made by advertisements. And of the hundreds of millions of tweets sent per day, about one out of every five is related to some kind of inquiry or information about specific products or services, according to Penn State University.

7 steps twitter for business

Twitter has changed the way the world communicates. It has opened up a whole new real-time method of communication for small businesses. Confused about how to make Twitter work for your small business? This eBook is here to help, with seven steps for using Twitter, including:

  • Proper Etiquette and Pitfalls to Avoid
  • Inspirational Examples of Small Businesses Making Twitter Work for Them
  • Anatomy of a Twitter Page
  • Advice from Experts in 140 Characters or Less
  • Twitter Lingo Defined

Twitter Lingo Defined

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