Promote Independent Brand Advocacy with Twitter Analytics and Big Data

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Twitter is a unique and highly effective social media marketing platform. The inherent value of Twitter advertising is found in features that have differentiated Twitter from other social media platforms since its launch. Unlike many other social media platforms, Twitter offers immediacy of information exchanged and a malleable platform that can appeal to different target demographics. Advertising on Twitter can take a number of different forms, from searchable hashtags to aggressive Tweeting campaigns. One valuable aspect of using Twitter as an internet marketing tool is the ease of independent brand advocacy. Rather than continually trying to engage an audience, other influential audience members can grow brand recognition and start conversations independently. It is necessary to analyze how effective any given Twitter marketing campaign is with Twitter Analytics and Big Data.

Twitter Analytics and Big Data

Building a community does not have a direct and positive correlation with conversion rates per se. Evaluating large amounts of user data can sometimes be more valuable than relevant site traffic that is a direct result of Twitter advertising. Big data analysis on social media platforms can grant others the ability to improve marketing tactics and business practices. Self-report data has been repeatedly suggested to be unreliable. However, big user data can help optimize entire social media marketing campaigns and business initiatives.

Where to Start Promoting Independent Brand Advocacy

It is important to recognize that the value in independent brand advocacy largely relies on individuals that feel strongly enough about a brand to tell others without incentives. Instead, of providing incentives, provide a better social media experience. What defines a superior experience on Twitter often depends on preferences of any given target audience. Some target audiences prefer fewer tweets whereas others prefer a larger quantity of relevant information. It is almost impossible to determine how to best approach an initial Twitter campaign without accurate projections and big data. Track independent brand advocacy and its correlation with revenue earned with data analysis.

Value of Immediacy of Information for Independent Brand Advocates

Independent brand advocacy can be a large part of a comprehensive social media marketing campaign. It is very common for independent brand advocacy to dwindle due to a lapse in time. Potential brand advocates might forget to share information with a certain group or individual, not view a post at a convenient time, etc. Sharing tweets in real-time promotes independent brand advocacy by making it more viable than it might be otherwise. Some die-hard independent brand advocates can post, blog, review, retweet, and share despite small logistical obstacles. However, a number of independent brand advocates are not particularly interested in dedicating much time or effort to promote a brand. These brand advocates will typically only participate in meaningful brand advocacy if things are relatively easy. Advertising on Twitter is ideal for this demographic. They can immediately retweet brand-specific information before they have a chance to lose interest.

Create a Sustainable Marketing Campaign Based on Big Data

After gaining initial visibility, one classic way to build type about a brand on Twitter is to always leave audience members wanting a little bit more. Along with using classic Twitter tools such as searchable hashtags and newer ones such as embedded tweets and Twitter Analytics, build hype in Twitter advertising by being accessible but not too eager. Once a community of independent brand advocates is established, it is important to take a step back and reassess what next steps should be taken. Creating a thriving online community around a brand is not easy, and it almost never happens overnight. However, independent brand advocacy is another way to build a sustainable internet marketing campaign. Meaningful data analytics can further promote independent brand advocacy by giving necessary information to build a better business around a better brand identity.

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