Excellent Customer Service is Essential for Today’s Online Interface


When a customer is dissatisfied with a product or service, whether they bought it online or not, the first thing they often do is write negative testimonials on social media, forum websites and other places. For this reason, it’s essential for a company to have quick and efficient customer service, so each customer feels satisfied with their interface with that company. Live chat services are one of the fastest ways for customers to connect to a company and get satisfaction.

The Main Advantages of Live Chat Support

A live chat offers faster service to a customer than a phone call or email. When a customer calls a company, they usually need to listen to a long menu and select the number that coincides with their need. A live chat eliminates that, plus it’s more efficient because the employee can quickly ask a colleague for help if the customer asks a question he or she can’t answer. Phone calls also involve spoken accents that may be difficult for the customer or employee to understand as well as the possibility of verbal abuse from a disgruntled customer. Email is the slowest response of all because, in most cases, the response comes about 24 hours after the question is asked.

More customers can receive help because a chat agent can usually respond to two or three chat simultaneously. Live chats are free no matter where you are in the world. True, the chat may be closed depending on the time zone, but it will open again later.

The chat agent can send helpful links to the customer that adds to the information required. If contact names are needed, a chat box is perfect because the customer will easily get the correct spelling and address.

Some Points to Ponder

If you offer a live chat, your chat agent needs to react quickly. If there is any lag-time, the customer may leave your site unhappy.

You may also get pranksters who want to bother you, but this can be greatly reduced with a mandatory email field in the chat form.

If you are your only employee, you can turn off the chat when you go away and replace it with a contact form. Even this is more efficient than a phone call. In some cases, chats can be proactive as in a retail store. You can ask a visitor to your website if you can help. The best live chat programs will also offer product reviews, so you’ll know if your employees are delivering customer service as promised.

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