The Ideal Image Sizes For Every Social Network

You know that visual has now a great impact on virtually any property online. Beit, Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter, sharing images can make a big difference on your content marketing and social media marketing campaign.

Now, you probably are wondering what the optimal width of a Pinterest Pin might be? What would be the minimum recommended upload size for your Facebook avatar? What’s the dimensions of an in-stream photo on Twitter? And this could go on.

When it comes to social media, every network has its own guidelines for image sizing. Knowing the right iamge size for every network will not only make you comply with the guidelines, you will also want your images to look the best they can.

The following infographic from SumAll provides the up-to-date dimensions for images for all the most used social media sites: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

ideal image sizes for social networks

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